Our Approach

The School’s approach to teaching Gujarati as follows:

  • Teach every item in such a way that it becomes interesting and thought provoking to the listener, particularly for the children.
  • Teach with simple words, with facial expressions. Each word should convey not only the actual meaning but also the purpose of the explanation.
  • Listening to the explanations/narrations should become an entertainment for your children, where thinking, laughing, commenting, etc should be included.
  • Teaching should not become a burden (bhaar) it should become the part (bhaag) of day to day life. It should further get elevated into a blessing (ashirvad) for the children.

How parents can help:

  • While giving all the explanations, you should narrate things by recollecting your childhood memories and the expectations/ desires as a young listener.
  • Teach your children about the great books written in ancient India. Analyze their contents and narrate the details. Explain in story telling format. Explain not merely the contents of the books, but also about the author and the way in which it is written.
  • If possible give children the opportunity to recollect what they heard in the previous lessons. Everything should be presented leisurely and in an interesting way.

We have achieved outstanding results every year in Gujarati GCSE and AS Level examination.