GCSE Result for 2016

Priya Patel Grade A
Anand Karia Grade A*

GCSE Result for 2014

Kushal Vyas Grade A

GCSE Result for 2013

Romil Mandvia Grade A*

GCSE Result for 2012

Amar Patel Grade A*

GCSE Result for 2011

Aditya Shreemanker Grade A*
Azmin Mistry Grade A*
Drashti Shah Grade A
Kajal Patel Grade A
Riya Patel Grade A
Vignesh Patel Grade A
Bhavan Patel Grade B
Jessica Mistry Grade B

GCSE Result for 2010

Sonal Shah Grade A*
Karan Shah Grade A
Ashika Patel Grade A
Bhagyashree Shah Grade C

GCSE Result for 2009

Jasmine Patel Grade A*
Monica Patel Grade A
Pooja Patel Grade A
Ekta Bhayani Grade A
Sejal Patel Grade A
Kevin Mistry Grade B
Priya Patel Grade B
Also, Alpaben Soni passed AS Level in Gujarati with Grade A. Another ex-KUTGS student, Priya Patel, passed the AS Level.

GCSE Result for 2008

Priyanka Kanani Grade A
Dhruvkumar Patel Grade B
Shahil Thakar Grade A
Priyesh Patel Grade A
Yaneet Patel Grade B

GCSE Result for 2007

Sonia Srimanker Grade A*
Priya Patel Grade A

GCSE Result for 2006

Dina Patel Grade A*
Nimit Shah Grade A
Sudev Joshi Grade A
Kavisha Thakar Grade A
Krishna Joshi Grade B

GCSE Result for 2005

Gosarani Hyuti Grade A*
Kanani Shivan Grade A*
Pandya Bhavika Grade A*
Kanani Nikhil Grade A
Morjaria Paras Grade A
Patel Priyanka Grade A
Shah Nikita Grade A
Bharkhda Chandni Grade B

GCSE AS Level Result for 2005

Patel Poonam Grade B